Minimat – the retail hot air convection oven with maximum capacity in the smallest amount of space

The Minimat is the smallest retail hot air convection oven in our system of ovens. The best, trendsetting innovations of our new system of ovens can also find space here. It thus sets new standards in taste, handling and efficiency – even where there is little space.

Minimum space required

Whether in a petrol station, bistro, delicatessen or bakery, the Minimat fits perfectly where others are just too large and still offers maximum capacity. It is available in three sizes and two tray sizes, which guarantees the right size for every application.

Flexible use with a removable tank

Thanks to the optional 1.8 litre water tank, the Minimat can be operated independently from water connections; and, with the Minimat 43 S and a 230 V connection, it can also be operated independently of a three-phase connection. As a Vario system, the Minimat can be stacked, thus offering even more room in a small space.

High-tech insulation

High-tech insulation – the double-glazed door of the Minimat oven with a heat reflecting coating is safe and efficient at the same time. This means that it reduces radiation, the heat stays in the baking crown and the outside of the door remains cool. The result: no danger of burns and a level of energy efficiency that sets completely new standards.


The water is sprayed directly into the middle of the rotating fan in order to then be atomised inside the baking crown. The water turns to steam on contact with the hot surfaces and thanks to the high convection temperature. Visible steam creates ideal conditions for fresh dough products.