Much more than just an oven – the Euromat
The hot air convection classic from WIESHEU. The very latest technology in an attractive design. With their trendsetting baking technology and refined design, Euromat hot air convection ovens are the perfect solution for your individual requirements. Combined with a prover, deck oven, storage rack and intelligent exhaust hood, the baking station meets the toughest demands and can be integrated harmoniously into the overall look of your sales area. It is not just the individual details, but the sum of all the parts that make the hottest development from WIESHEU into a hot seller. Now equipped with the IS 600 E control for even more convenience, safety and economy of operation.

Euromat IS 600 E control
An oven that thinks along with you:
the IS 600 E control makes it possible. The Euromat can be programmed and monitored from your PC by using simple data transmission. Want to preheat the oven? The Euromat does that all by itself thanks to the IS 600 E – so that you can sleep longer or use the time in other ways.

ProClean self-cleaning system
Concentrate on what is important – for example, baking crisp delicacies, talking with your customers or thinking up new sales ideas. The fully automatic self-cleaning system in the Euromat gives you more time for other things. Just press a button and the oven is cleaned – easily and safely. Start the program, give the cleaning agent time to react, automatic washing and rinsing, then drying – and it is all done. Even quicker and more thorough than by hand.
The result: a clean oven and you can leave work early!

Well thought-out details that save effort and energy: the multilayered glazing of the over door reduces the amount of radiant heat, which keeps the outer door cool and electricity consumption low. Practical: The outer door glazing can be swung out easily for cleaning.