The innovative classic model for the most demanding situations

The Ebo deck oven is the modern classic in our system of ovens. Pioneering and trendsetting ideas have been incorporated into this oven – resulting in perfection in the details and in the whole concept. The Ebo is so good, quick, versatile and energy-saving that no quality bakery can afford to be without it. Depending on your preference, the Ebo is available in a modern or in a retro design.

The Ebo puts an end to the problem of cleaning the door of a deck oven

The Ebo is the only deck oven with a brand new door mechanism that has a special “cleaning setting” to easily clean both sides of the glass panel. And there is no need to dismantle anything, even when hot, right after baking.

Differing crown heights

Whether one level is enough or if you want to go even higher: the baking crowns are available with heights of 155 mm and 205 mm and also as a dual crown with a height of 2 × 130 mm. As a variable system, you can combine the Ebo to exactly meet your needs with all WIESHEU Ebo deck ovens and with all WIESHEU Dibas hot air convection ovens.


The best things in life come in threes! Even the highly professional WIESHEU controls. Very easy to use and with a lot of features, the “exclusive” controls (e.g. 200 programs and 32 languages) are distinguished by an ultra-modern touch screen, a colour display and clearly structured menus. It virtually explains itself: whether rolls, pretzels or croissants, just touch the pictogram and the selected program starts. Via the “exclusive” controls, you also have the option of controlling other baking ovens (master control). Just programming once is enough to set up all of the other ovens. This saves time and personnel costs, and reduces the risk of making mistakes. It couldn’t be more reliable and convenient. The “comfort” control is also very convenient and can be used with just one finger. It offers many useful functions for your daily operations, such as 32 programs, programmable autostart, a rebaking function and much more. For purists, you can choose the “classic” controls which offer all the important functions for effective baking. It’s up to you!